Environment, Health & Safety

Protecting Our People, Partners & Environment

At Canvas Energy, we put the people whom we work alongside and our neighbors first. That core value is reflected in a simple fact: safety is not a thing we do; it is the way we do everything.

Spills and injuries are known risks in the oil and gas industry, and are avoidable when appropriate precautions are taken. For Canvas Energy, avoidance comes from a culture that is both comprehensive and reflects our zero-incident mindset. We operate every phase of our business cleanly and safely – from before wells are drilled and employees are hired to after wells are decommissioned and people retire.

The planning that is required by that high standard also contributes to our efficiency, making us not just a safer enterprise but a more profitable one.

Canvas Energy teams with ISNetworld to implement an enhanced screening and requirement process to ensure our vendors follow the necessary processes and safety procedures. These extensive efforts ensure not only the safety of our employees and facilities, but also that of the contractors working on our locations and the communities that surround them.